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5233 Rm 625 V51.1.002 Arabic Rar [March-2022]




Arabic makes up the language spoken in the Arabian Peninsula. It is the language of several countries, including the country of Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Yemen. As a Semitic language, Arabic shares the features of other Semitic languages, such as Hebrew and Aramaic. The basic characteristics of Semitic languages are their use of consonantal and consonant-like (vowel-final) clitic affixes, and the absence of the fricative consonants. Unlike other Semitic languages, Arabic does not have a verbal inflection system, in which verbs and adjectives are inflected based on the subjects and objects of the sentence. The Arabic alphabet is derived from the Phoenician script and is called the Rast. There are many differences between Arabic and its ancestor, Phoenician. Arabic has 27 letters, whereas Phoenician has 36. Among those differences are the differences in the consonantal and diacritic letters of the Arabic alphabet. It is generally accepted that there are not enough differences to suggest that the Arabic alphabet evolved from the Phoenician alphabet. The most recent change in the Arabic alphabet was the addition of the letter ل ل, which was added as a result of computerised typewriting. The remaining 26 letters of the Arabic alphabet are used in writing the modern version of classical Arabic. The English word "Arabic" is derived from the name of the country, "Al-Ra'i" (Arab). Learning Arabic Arabic language learning has become increasingly popular due to the growing international awareness of the Arabic language. Different programs that teach Arabic exist, many of them online. Linguistic and literacy education The two main methods of education for people learning Arabic are the spoken language and the written language. The spoken language can be learned while a student is immersed in the classroom. The written language is learned using alphabetic script and can be learned on its own, which allows for the student to learn Arabic while doing other things at the same time. When learning a language, especially if it is as difficult as Arabic, one must also consider how to develop one's reading skills and vocabulary. Unlike the spoken language, the written language requires more discipline, and one must have time to practice and practice. Syntax and grammar Phonology The consonants in Arabic are determined by the place and manner




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5233 Rm 625 V51.1.002 Arabic Rar [March-2022]
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