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Private sessions

Private sessions are the perfect way to provide you with specialised attention and additional coaching to give your training the boost it needs.

Our BJJ classes are designed to provide instruction and the jiu jitsu foundations to adults of all shapes, sizes, and levels of learning while our private sessions can compliment the learning process. Serenity Jiu Jitsu teaches BJJ literally from the ground up, offering classes to kids and adults. Whether you’re simply looking to get in shape this new year or prepare for competition, you’ll find we are a very supportive community.

Private sessions give the opportunity to learn more in-depth exploration of techniques and positional study in tailored areas of need in a more exclusive learning environment.

"The skills and techniques I've learnt in my one to one private sessions are second to none. I had the opportunity the question and practice drills and techniques on an individual basis that can then be used in sparring sessions later on in regular class setting." Dan.

Private jiu jitsu sessions
Private jiu jitsu sessions

Private sessions are available to our members and visitors, just inquire with Jonny direct at our North Shields gym, message or email.

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