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Why train Martial Arts?

Why train Martial Arts? Mixed Martial Arts is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, this has lead to a rise in the number of people looking to start one of or a mixture of the martial arts they have seen in Mixed Martial Arts.

Mixed Martial Arts? Why would I want to train that? I have no interest in becoming a fighter. For most people this is a common concern and in some ways Mixed Martial Arts has changed peoples perception of fighting and martial arts in general from the old Kung Fu style of kicks and spinning punch combos to something more raw and real.

This change in perception may attract a certain type of brash individual but what about the 40 year old man sitting on the couch with a bad back or the mother of two who might only have a couple of evenings free to train? The truth is Martial Arts are now more accessible to the general public than ever before and in fact the vast majority of practitioners are every day people with jobs, kids and other responsibilities who are only learning for fitness and for fun.

The main benefits these people will see are improvements in general fitness and strength, accelerated weight loss and a huge increase in health and well being. This can be a fun way to get fit and learn a valuable skill and is especially convenient for people who are pushed for time.

Here at Serenity Jiu Jitsu we offer fundamentals classes six days a week these are designed to teach people with zero experience the fundamentals of grappling in a safe and friendly environment. To find out about our free one week trial click here, you can also find us on Facebook

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